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World Expo Pavillion a showcase for Cork

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Amorim, a USFloors partner and our sole supplier of cork flooring, both finished and unfinished, supplied cork for the Portugal Pavillion at the world expo in Shanghai. The exterior of the building is made out of cork and the interior has cork flooring throughout.

The stunning Portugal Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, which opened on May first, is a showcase for natural cork — and Amorim.

Amorim has supplied 59201 square ft of cork for the pavilion, which boasts a bold architectural design.

Cork is displayed on the building’s facade, as a prominent element of the aesthetic design, as a flooring material and in several technical solutions.

In keeping with the Expo theme of ‘Better City, Better Life’, pavilion organizers selected natural cork as a base and structural material.

Cork demonstrates sustainable construction, shows innovation in harmony with nature and has excellent acoustic, thermal and anti-vibration insulation qualities.

It is also a raw material strongly identified with Portugal as the country has the largest area of cork oak forests in the world.

The 39.180 square ft facade of the Portugal Pavilion is covered with 62 million pounds of insulation corkboard — considered the most environmentally friendly insulation solution in the world.

In terms of technical solutions, 8395 square ft of ACM (Acoustic Core Materials) manufactured by Amorim Cork Composites is utilized in a projection room for sound absorption.

Corticeira Amorim, the world’s largest cork producer and manufacturer, is a major sponsor of the Portugal Pavilion at the exposition.

Expo Shanghai 2010 runs from May first to October 31. About 190 countries and 50 international organizations are participating in the event that is estimated to attract some 70 million visitors.

To view photos of the Portuguese Pavilion, visit USFloors’ Flickr site by clicking here.

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Cork Floor Newbies “Ecstatic” with Natural Cork Floor

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As interior designers become more aware of the distinctive beauty and unique performance benefits of cork flooring, they are convincing clients to use these fantastic, sustainable floors in new construction and renovation projects. One such designer is Paul Anater of St. Petersburg, FL.

Paul is a kitchen and bath residential designer, as well as a free-lance writer, who recently wrote about his first experience with specifying and installing a cork floor in a recent kitchen renovation, which just happened to be a floating cork floor from USFloors’ Natural Cork Earth and Classics Collection. This is the first of 3 projects that he has underway using Natural Cork floors. Paul and his clients are “ecstatic” with the results. Paul is on what he refers to as a “cork kick” and is convincing more and more of his clients to install USFloors’ Natural Cork floors in their kitchen renovations. He wants to promote Natural Cork flooring, not only through this article on, but also by recommending it to his existing and potential clients.

You can read Paul’s article and see pictures of the kitchen and it’s beautiful Natural Cork floor by clicking here.

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