Retailer Policy

Retailer Policy and Guidelines for USFloors Retailers
USFloors Retail Advertising Policy

USFloors’ Price Advertising Policy covers any communication about USFloors products that may be read or heard by someone outside of the dealer’s physical retail location.  The Policy covers communications by any form of print or broadcast media, as well as posters, handbills, flyers, Internet web sites, and any signage that is visible from outside the dealer’s retail location.  The Policy does not cover in-store signage or displays that are visible only within the store.

Policy concerning advertised prices:  USFloors reserves the right to establish minimum advertised prices.  USFloors dealers may not advertise prices that are below these minimums, except as provided below.  USFloors’ minimum advertised prices, like USFloors’ suggested retail prices, are subject to change.  Dealers will be notified of any changes.

Policy concerning advertised discounts:  During special promotional periods approved by USFloors, the maximum discount that may be advertised is 30%, except that discounts may not be advertised at all on Internet web sites.  At its discretion, in connection with special events, USFloors may approve the advertising of greater discounts.

USFloors Policy for Proprietary Products

USFloors has certain product collections that are proprietary to both USFloors and Authorized Retailers. (An Authorized Retailer is a Retailer who has Display Samples available to consumers in a Brick and Mortar Store.) These collections currently are Navarre natural oil floors and Castle Combe Grande, Castle Combe Originals, and Castle Combe West End natural oil floors. USFloors does NOT allow these collections to be sold through Internet sites. Any orders received from authorized dealers that are requested to ship outside a typical trading area will be subject to review.

USFloors Internet Pricing Policy

Internet price advertising:  Prices advertised on Internet web sites must comply with USFloors’ Advertising Policy.  This means that if prices are mentioned anywhere on an Internet web site, they must be equal to or greater than the minimum advertised prices established by USFloors.

Advertising price discounts:  Discounts may not be advertised at all on Internet web sites, unless expressly authorized by USFloors as part of a national periodic promotion.  No assurance is given that such promotion will occur.

Application of Internet Pricing Policy:  This Internet pricing policy covers prices that appear anywhere on an Internet website, including purchase order forms, and to prices that don’t appear on the web site itself, but which are accessible through the web site by means of a hyperlink or an email.  References to discounts including promotional discounts or coupons are strictly prohibited under this policy, including, but not limited to, offering USFloors products with words such as “Call for discounted pricing,” “Call for Best Price”, “Prices too low to advertise,” “One time pricing available, call for details,” or any other language or statements that indicate any USFloors product is being offered for sale by You at prices that are discounted because such sales are being offered using the USFloors website or any other internet website, by electronic mail, or any other electronic medium that uses the internet for communication. If you undertake any of the actions described in this paragraph, it will be a violation of this Policy and USFloors reserves the right to cancel any orders you may have, and to cease selling to You, and reserves all other rights or remedies it may have and may pursue in any lawsuit or legal action. Further, in addition to the forgoing, if You violate any provision of this Policy, including but not limited to this paragraph, any warranties USFloors may provide for its products sold to You or Your customer shall be immediately canceled and voided..  Prices communicated by any of these means must comply with USFloors’ minimum advertised prices.  Dealers operating Internet web sites are free to make sales at prices below USFloors’ minimum advertised prices, but they may quote lower prices only in response to an in-person, telephone, or e-mail inquiry from a customer requesting a SPECIFIC price for a SPECIFIC USFloors product. When a customer requests USFLoors pricing via email, the customer must FIRST submit a form with name, address and phone number as well as return email address. The customer must request SPECIFIC pricing for a SPECIFIC stlye. The customer will then be notified via email, telephone, or inperson with a price, if that price is below USFLoors minimum advertised price. Under no circumstances should a dealer send out a complete price list for USFLoors products via email unless those prices are at or above the established minimum advertised prices.

USFloors Internet Policy Regarding Freight

Orders shipping to a zip code other than the zip code of the Bill To account will be charged ACTUAL freight costs. Actual Freight Costs will be assessed at the time of the order and will be included on the order Confirmation. Due to the weight and carton size of most USFloors products, Residential or Job Site delivery can be very cumbersome and costly. Freight premiums WILL be imposed on any shipments to Residences or Job Sites. These premiums can be significant depending on the product dimensions and quantities ordered. Additional Freight Charges will be assessed at the time of order, prior to shipping and will be included on the order confirmation. USFloors reserves the right to refuse Residential delivery on any specific order if it is deemed not practical to deliver to a Residence or Job Site due to the weight and quantity of the order or due to inadequate resources at the Residence or Job Site to unload the order.

USFloors Internet Policy Regarding Warranties

USFloors will not honor any warranty claim for any product purchased over the internet, nor will we accept any returns for any such products. Since 2001, USFloors has striven to provide beautiful and high quality floors to our retailers and their customers that perform beyond expectations. It is critical that utmost care is taken in the installation and application of our flooring products. To that end, USFloors will only offer warranties for purchases through Authorized USFloors Retailers.

To be qualified as an Authorized USFloors Retailer, a store must have a current USFloors display, maintain an updated sample selection, and offer a full service installation service. In recent years, USFloors has noted more and more individuals using the internet to sell flooring products to consumers. Some are reputable businesses, but unfortunately, others have no more resources than an internet address. Before making the decision to purchase a USFloors floor from an internet site, please consider the following:

  1. USFloors will not honor a warranty claim without a prior inspection by the Authorized USFloors Retailer who sold you the product. This can prove difficult or impossible with an internet dealer as they may be located across the country from you.
  2. In order for the warranty to be valid, an Authorized USFloors Retailer must provide the manufacturer proof that the product received was first quality material. When dealing with internet companies, finding a contact person can prove to be very difficult.
  3. Poor installation is the number one cause of consumer dissatisfaction. Authorized USFloors Retailers stand behind their installation. They have a reputation in their communities to maintain. Internet retailers put this on you. Are you comfortable assessing an installer’s skill level?
  4. One service USFloors Authorized Retailers provide is sending a representative to your home to measure prior to the quote. These representatives are qualified to ensure you order the right amount of material needed for the job, and that the product you have selected is properly suited for the area where it is to be installed. Internet retailers require the consumer to do the estimating; a job that is better left to the professionals. And just how can they recommend a product to you without actually seeing where it is being installed?

Internet retailers pay the same price as your local Authorized USFloors Retailer for our products. If the internet price is significantly less than a local Authorized USFloors Retailer’s price (less installation cost), you may not be buying the same thing! We know this to be true because we have actually uncovered internet retailers selling counterfeit “USFloors” products, while representing them to be authentic.

Buying floors on the internet is different than shopping at your local floor covering retailer. Before you buy online, it is important to know what you are agreeing to in the contract. We recommend that you search for an Authorized USFloors Retailer in your area.

If you are having trouble locating a dealer in your area please contact us and we will be glad to direct you to information on dealers in your area.

USFloors’ Retail Pricing Policy

While USFloors reserves the right to determine what prices appear in any ADVERTISING for USFloors products, and on any Internet web sites featuring USFloors products, USFloors does not require its dealers to SELL those products at any particular price.  DEALERS REMAIN FREE TO DETERMINE THEIR OWN RETAIL PRICES AND MAKE SALES AT PRICEES BELOW USFLOORS’S MINIMUM ADVERTISEED PRICES.

USFloors’ Trans-shipment Policy

The sale of USFloors products to dealers is governed by the USFloors Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.  Dealers may not sell or otherwise provide USFloors products to another for resale without prior, written authorization from USFloors.

USFloors’ Rights and Permissions Policy

Limited license:  USFloors is pleased to grant its authorized dealers a limited, nonexclusive license to use the current versions of USFloors’ trademarks, trade names, copyrighted images, logos, designs and distinctive advertising marks (collectively, the “Marks”), provided that (1) the Marks are used solely in connection with the advertisement, promotion and sale of USFloors products; and (2) dealers use these Marks in accordance with all applicable instructions and guidelines from USFloors.

Rights retained by USFloors:  These Marks are protected by various forms of intellectual property law, and USFloors retains all rights in and complete control over their use.  All Internet web sites and other media featuring these Marks or any USFloors products are subject to the approval of USFloors.  USFloors reserves the right to deny, limit, or withdraw this approval and to terminate this license at any time and for any reason.  This license is nontransferable and may not be sublicensed or assigned by the dealers.

USFloors is the owner of, or is using under license, various trademarks, trade names, logos and design marks (collectively referred to as the “USFloors Trademarks”).  All dealers are expressly prohibited from using the word USFloors or any USFloors Trademarks in any domain name and/or url address, in any deep linking or framing, or as a meta tag.


In the event of a violation of this policy, the dealer’s business relationship with USFloors will be terminated.  Should any USFloors dealer sell to another dealer who is not authorized to sell USFloors products, in violation of the Order and Trans-shipment Policy, our business relationship with and license to that dealer will be terminated immediately.

All of our customers are important to us at USFloors.  We value our relationships and appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.  These policies are in place to protect our brand, and to encourage the sale of USFloors products.  These policies are subject to change.  Current policies can be confirmed by visiting or by contacting your USFloors representative.

Violation Process

Step 1: Submit information regarding pricing violation to

Step 2: Claim will be investigated

Step 3: If violation is substantiated Letter #1 will be sent to violator, VP Sales, RM and TM

Step 4: If violation is not corrected within 5 business days account will be placed on hold.

Step 5: If second violation is reported and substantiated Letter #2 will be sent to violator, VP Sales, RM and TM.

Step 6: If second violation is not corrected within 5 business days, account will be place on hold.

Step 7: If third violation is reported and substantiated Letter # 3 will be sent to violator, VP Sales, RM and TM. Letter # 3 is notification of account being closed.


In ALL cases, accounts will NOT be taken off hold until violations are resolved. The third violation will result in the account being closed.