Solar Power

“USFloors demonstrates commitment to good environmental practices through investments in clean, renewable solar power”

As part of our on-going commitment to good, responsible environmental practices, USFloors, over the course of a two year period, has made significant investments in clean, renewable solar power. From our original 31.5 Kw system to our most recent 365 Kw, USFloors is a leading example of how good business practices and good environmental practices can coexist in today’s business environment.

Solar Arrays at Two USFloors Locations

USFloors currently houses two photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays on two facilities in Dalton, GA. Our Carpet Capital Dr. warehouse facility has 144 Kw solar array covering over 14,000 square feet on its roof. The array generates enough solar energy to power 10 homes in Dalton, and it is visible from Interstate 75.

The newest installation at our Corporate Dr. facility is a 365 Kw system, consisting of 1701 photovoltaic solar panels, that replaces a 31.5 Kw photovoltaic system installed in late 2008. The new array covers a significant portion of the 100,000 square foot rooftop and is the largest private solar array in the state of Georgia. With over 1/2 Megawatt of power capacity at two facilities, USFloors now captures enough solar power to:

– Power 54 homes. The average American home uses 10 Kw.
– Offset 11,400 tons of CO2 over the 25 year life cycle of the solar panels.
– Offset almost 23 million vehicle drive miles over the 25 year life cycle of the solar panels