The Avignon Collection from USF Contract, the commercial division of USFloors, has been featured in Interior Design magazines 2009 Fall Market Tabloid in the eco-friendly products section (p. 192). Introduced at Neocon East in Baltimore, Avignon is the newest addition to USF Contract’s line of unique and sustainable flooring products engineered specifically for commercial interiors.

The distinctive character of each Avignon Collection natural oil finished oak hardwood plank is achieved using a variety of antiquing and aging techniques and finished with natural oils to preserve the original beauty of the wood.

Avignon Collection’s natural oil finish provides a warmth and refinement to the floor that cannot be achieved with modern day acrylic or polyurethane finishes. The rich patina of each Avignon Collection floor is only enhanced with age and use – the more traffic it endures, the more beautiful it gets. The natural oils in Avignon Collection floors penetrate the grain and become part of the finish.

100% FSC Pure Certification

Avignon Collection floors feature the FSC 100% certified designation of the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures that not only the oak wear layer, but the entirety of the wood used to produce these beautiful floors follows a verified and documented chain of custody. FSC certification gives you the confidence that only wood from well-managed forests harvested using environmentally responsible practices is used to make floors in our Avignon Collection.

Distinctive Surface Treatments

Avignon Collection floors feature a distinctive and sophisticated range of distressed, smoked, and antiqued floors finished with either natural or pigmented oils. Each Avignon Collection floor is meticulously crafted to ensure lasting beauty.

One of the Industry’s Thickest Wear Layers

The 6 mm solid oak hardwood top layer is one of the industry’s thickest wear layers and rests on a multi-layered, dimensionally stable core giving each Avignon Collection floor the strength to withstand many years of use.

Natural-E™ Natural Oil Finish

Natural-E™ Natural Oil Finish penetrates the wood fibers to provide a natural layer of protection, while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. With no visual film on the surface, Natual-E™ Natural Oil Finish floors are distinguishable by their elegant patina.

Easy Repairability

Avignon oak floors with Natural-E™ Natural Oil Finish are easy to care for and can be spot repaired, unlike pre-finished floors with hard surface coatings. An Avignon oiled floor never needs to be sanded, only regular applications of a USFloors recommended maintenance oil are necessary to nourish the wood and rejuvenate the luster to its original appearance. Products in the Avignon Collection are ideal for use in commercial projects requiring superior performance and a distinctive visual aesthetic such as corporate office, hotels, retail environments, municipal buildings and restaurants.

About USFContract

USFContract is a division of USFloors, the only cork flooring manufacturer located in the U.S. Founded in May 2001, USFloors features state-of-the-art finishing and profiling lines for flooring and moldings. USFloors manufacturing facility is the only manufacturing facility in Georgia utilizing photovoltaic panels, installed on its roof, to generate clean, renewable energy. USFloors also manufactures a wide assortment of bamboo, linoleum and distinctive hardwood products. USFloors is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Visit usfcontract.com for more information.

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