Occasionally we get testimonials about how much people love their Natural Cork floors that we just have to share with you. This is another of those.

In the interest of full disclosure, Jim Ed Oberst works for a company called Brewco Marketing Group. Brewco designed, built, and manages the Decor[k] mobile cork showroom that is touring home shows across America, educating consumers about the unmatched beauty and virtues of cork flooring. Decor[k] is an outreach of APCOR, the Portuguese Cork Association, of which USFloors is a member. If you want to know more about the Decor[k] tour and mobile showroom, or you want learn about cork flooring, or your interested to see what HGTV celebrity designer Candice Olson thinks about cork flooring, or you just want to browse a really cool website, visit www.realcorkfloors.com. Now back to the story…

Having learned, in depth, the virtues of cork flooring via Decor[k], Jim Ed and his lovely better half, Tara, became cork flooring converts and decided to install our beautiful Leon Natural Cork Floor in their house. Leon is from our New Dimensions collection and is a 7′ wide plank Natural Cork floating floor with beveled edges and ends. You can get more details on Leon by clicking here.

Upon installing their new Leon cork floor, Tara snapped this photo of their daughter and sent it to Jim Ed who forwarded it to us with the following testimonial:

Powerless to the comfort of a Natural Cork floor

“I just had to send this short testimonial about my new cork floors. My wife sent me this picture from her phone on Saturday. My daughter, age 4, was playing with her Leapster comfortably on our new LEON USFloor and got so comfortable that she simply put her thumb in her mouth and took a nap. Now part of the reason she is on the floor is we haven’t put our furniture back in the house yet. As you can see, the shoe molding is not down, but is being put in as we speak.

We love our floor. I just wanted send a picture to prove it.

Jim Ed”

Thanks, Jim Ed and Tara. You’ll also be glad to know that the LEON Natural Cork floor is indoor air quality third-party certified to the Greenguard Children & Schools standard, one of the most stringent testing standards for formaldehyde and other VOC emissions. You can breathe easy knowing your cork floor is a healthier floor for your kids to nap on.

We are glad your daughter digs the floor as much as you do.

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