For centuries, hardwood floors were finished with a variety of natural oils or waxes to protect and nourish the floors that would needto withstand decades of use. With the evolution of modern polyurethane and acrylic hard finishes, hardwood floors finished with natural oils declined in popularity.

Today, as many consumers are becoming more “green” , natural oil floors are being embraced by consumers drawn to the enhanced nature, or “realness”, of natural oil floors.

Polyurethane and acrylic hard finishes form what can aptly be described as a plastic film on the surface of the floor, providing protection, yet sacrificing the natural and inherent beauty of the wood floor. To the contrary, a natural oil finish actually protects the floor by integrating the oil into the wood itself, in essence becoming one with the wood, providing protection for the wood without sacrificing the wood’s natural beauty, but rather enhancing it.

Dispelling the Maintenance Myth

Consumers and sales people often have the misperception that natural oil floors are more maintenance intensive than polyurethane/acrylic floors when in fact the maintenance schedules for each are similar. Typically, whenever a synthetic finish floor would need a screen and recoat, the natural oil floor would need a maintenance coat of oil. But that’s where the similarity ends. And this is where one of the great advantages of an oiled floor begins.

The Big Advantage: Selective Repairability

Consider this… a high traffic area in a home is showing significant wear to the finish and needs to be refinished to regain its original luster. If the floor has a hard finish of polyurethane, acrylic, or aluminum-oxide, the entire floor must be refinished, resulting in downtime, expense, and a general hassle for the homeowner. If, instead, the floor is a natural oil finished floor, the worn area can be spot repaired by simply sanding the affected area and applying a new coat of maintenance oil. Minimal downtime. Minimal expense. Minimal hassle.

And the best part is, the older the floor gets and the more it is used, the better it looks. Imagine that, a hardwood floor that actually looks better the longer it’s down. Over time the oiled floor acquires a rich and saturated patina that only this type of floor can provide.

Discover the advantage of a natural oil hardwood floor.

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