September 24, 2013 – DALTON, GA – USFloors has received a patent for the company’s Corboo® flooring (U.S. Pat. No. 8,541,085). Corboo® is a cork-infused strand woven bamboo floor that marries two of nature’s most sustainable flooring materials to create a truly unique, distinctive, and environmentally responsible flooring option for both residential and commercial markets.

“We are excited to receive the patent on our Corboo® floors,” said USFloors President and CEO, Piet Dossche upon notification of the patent award. “Corboo® represents a signature achievement for USFloors that affirms our commitment to bring unique and sustainable floors to the floor covering market.”

COO Philippe Erramuzpe, who was instrumental in the development of Corboo® added, “As the recognized leader in the cork and bamboo flooring segments, it’s important that we continue to be innovative and inventive with the floors we develop, and to keep pushing the envelope of style and performance in these categories. Products like Corboo® and our new COREtec Plus® LVT are the result of these efforts to provide retailers and consumers with products that are unique and different in the category and not just another ‘me too’ floor. This is what our company is about.”

The timing of the patent award coincides with the launch of 6 Corboo® floors into the specialty retail market in time for the fall selling season as an expansion of Natural Bamboo™ Expressions, USFloors’ flagship collection of solid locking strand woven bamboo floors. The line features six exclusive Corboo® visuals including, four popular stains profiled on 5 1/4” wide x 72” long planks in a ½” thick solid drop/lock glueless construction. The products are finished with USFloors’ proprietary Endura AR® Advanced Generation UV-cured finish and are backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 15 Year Heavy Commercial Warranty. Corboo® samples are currently being shipped to specialty floor covering retailers nationwide as updates to the company’s Green Island display and the new Natural Bamboo™ Style Studio merchandising system that was unveiled at Surfaces 2013. The Corboo® product line is also a part of the Voyager Collection, found only in select Carpet One specialty retail locations.

Click here to see the Corboo Collection.

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Style Meets Sustainability in New York City’s Herald Square

NEW YORK – New York, a city already famous for high style and a cosmopolitan culture, got a little more chic with the launch of the North American Décor(k) Tour in Herald Square today, courtesy of the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR).

Candice Olson speaks to media at Decork luncheon

Candice Olson speaks to media at Decork luncheon

The goal of the Décor(k) Tour – which will visit 16 cities across the United States and Canada – is to educate consumers about the different styles and varieties of Portuguese cork flooring, and will feature a 53 foot-long mobile showroom designed by “Divine Design” host Candice Olson. Inside the showroom, visitors will enjoy a “feet on” experience of cork flooring’s unique comfort and resiliency while viewing different room layouts and flooring applications designed by Olson. Additional displays will allow visitors to see how cork stands up to moisture, heavy foot traffic and allergens, providing users with durable, comfortable flooring that can last years.

With more families spending time “living” on the floor, the floor has taken on a larger role as a functional living space. Therefore, it has become more important for flooring to be comfortable, durable, stylish and highly functional. Cork flooring fulfills all of these requirements. Another important benefit is that cork is the most environmentally friendly flooring choice because it is completely renewable, 100 percent natural and recyclable — three essential qualities for a modern and environmentally friendly society. Incredible inherent properties, including sound and temperature insulation, cushioning and water resistance provide homeowners even more reasons to choose cork as a flooring option.

“The choice of flooring is always an integral element in my designs,” said Olson. “When homeowners are building their nests, they must think about how much time will be spent on their floors. Cork flooring is a perfect choice for the home because it can provide a desired, stylish look while remaining functional and environmentally friendly.”

Through Olson’s beautifully designed settings for the Décor(k) Tour, it is easy to see that cork flooring is the ultimate in eco-chic. With inspirational designs ranging from traditional and vintage to artistic and modern, luxurious textures and shades, classic patterns and elegant finishes, the options available for cork flooring in North American homes are truly limitless. It has become a viable contender as the centerpiece of any home.

Cork is more than 50 percent air, which makes it lightweight and highly resilient. Consequently, cork often does not show dents or grooves the same way wood flooring can. It has excellent insulating properties and is warmer under foot than a cold tile. It is also allergy free and easy to maintain – great for a healthy, safe home.

“Cork has been used as flooring for a very long time because of its natural beauty, durability and renewability,” said Piet Dossche, chairman of APCOR North America Flooring Group and president & CEO of USFloors, Inc. “New finishing techniques and improved technologies have revived an interest in cork flooring. No other floor covering can match the combined benefits of cork.”

Cork’s journey begins in the montado (the Portuguese cork oak forest) where the time-honored tradition of the cork harvest takes place. Only after a maturation period of 25 years have these majestic giant cork oak trees carefully transformed their outer shell into a thing of beauty. This natural process gives way to cork flooring. During the harvesting of the bark, which can only take place every nine years, the tree is never cut down or harmed. The quality of cork actually improves with every harvest.

The cork oak forest has been developed and maintained to sustain a triple bottom line industry – one that is good for the people, for the planet and for the economy. Portuguese cork makes for authentic, high quality and eco-efficient cork flooring that is created with true craftsmanship and care.

Following the New York City launch on September 1, the Décor(k) mobile cork flooring showroom will visit these U.S. and Canadian cities on the following dates:

The Decork mobile showroom in shadow of Empire State Building

The Decork mobile showroom in shadow of Empire State Building

Boston: Sept. 17 – 19, 2010

Atlanta: Oct. 23, 2010

Vancouver: Feb. 8, 2011

Montreal: Sept. 23, 2010

Toronto: Sept. 29 – Oct. 3, 2010

Dallas: Jan. 20, 2011

Las Vegas: Jan. 25 – 27, 2011

Salt Lake City: Feb. 12, 2011

Denver: Feb. 15, 2011

Buffalo: Oct. 8, 2010

Washington, DC: Oct. 20, 2010

San Francisco: Feb. 1, 2011

Seattle: Feb. 4, 2011

Chicago: Jun. 14 – 16, 2011

Los Angeles: Jun. 24 – 26, 2011

For more information about the Décor(k) Tour and the unique style and esthetic aspects of cork flooring, visit www.realcorkfloors.com.


APCOR’s mission is to represent and promote the Portuguese Cork Industry, with more than 250 members, representing around 80 percent of the total national cork production and 85 percent of all cork exports. APCOR is also responsible for promotional activities, with added value to cork, on both a national and international scale, providing, in addition, an extensive Information Resource Centre on cork.

About Décor(k)

The Décor(k) mobile showroom has been created by APCOR to tell the story of cork flooring, beginning with the cork oak and the harvest of the cork bark through to the versatility and beauty of the finished product from an interior designer’s perspective. Visitors to the Décor(k) showroom will learn how the cork oak bark is fashioned into beautiful cork flooring and will be invited to experience six different room concepts created by Divine Design’s Candice Olson and featuring the very best of Portuguese cork flooring. The Décor(k) Tour will be visiting 16 cities in the United States and Canada over the next ten months.

To view more photos from the New York City Decor[k] launch and see photos inside the Decor[k] mobile showroom, visit USFloors on flikr.com by clicking here.

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Floor Covering Weekly Honors Company for Contribution to Renewable Energy

Dalton, GA – USFloors has been awarded the GreenStep Award in the Process category as presented by Floor Covering Weekly for its 144 kw photovoltaic solar array and their newest warehouse in Dalton, GA. The Process Category refers to companies that implement a practice or process improvement that reduces negative environmental impact or promotes sustainability. The awards are selected by an independent panel that includes industry professionals from trade associations, retailers, and environmental experts.

The 144 kw array is currently the largest commercial solar installation in the state of Georgia. The system generates 100% of the power required for the buildings energy needs. This is not the first array for USFloors, a sustainable flooring manufacturer, but for now its largest.

Other manufacturers receiving awards included Mohawk, Interface, Anderson Hardwoods, Crossville, Mannington Commercial, and Mullican. USFloors’ President and CEO Piet Dossche commented, “We are honored to be among the leaders in the flooring industry who are working diligently to accelerate our contributions to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. We will continue to expand our efforts in promoting sustainable flooring and in clean, renewable solar energy.”

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Powered By The Sun

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USFloors was recently profiled by Chattanooga ABC affiliate WTVC News Channel 9 in a story about our solar photovoltaic panel farm located on the roof of our manufacturing and corporate facility located in Dalton, GA. The story includes an interview with Piet Dossche and video of the solar panels and manufacturing facility. Click here to view the video of the News Channel 9 story.

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