Why Natural Wood?

Our Story

US Floors has been one of the leaders in oil finished European Oak flooring products for the past several years. Our CCFW brand continues to be strong as we move into 2018, therefore we will continue to promote Grande, Originals, West End and Artisans in the CCFW Feature Gallery.

Our design team at US Floors has learned from the success of this collection that there is an opportunity to broaden the appeal to the mass consumer by designing a collection that emulates many of these decors at more affordable and competitive price points. We also understand the consumer buying habits have evolved and many are living in smaller footprints and therefore need smaller plank visuals to better accommodate these spaces. Our goal is to become a more important wood supplier and partner for you.

We think we have accomplished this by not compromising the aesthetic appearance using similar treatments to make the products beautiful.

The Naturals Wood Line is made up of four unique collections; Atlas, Meridian, Wilderness, and Enclave. We have used a variety of species, aging techniques, eclectic stain processes, widths, and lengths to differentiate between products. All are finished with acrylic urethane and aluminum oxide for ease of maintenance.

The Collections

The Atlas Collection

Perfectly sized to accommodate smaller spaces; the planks with Maple, Oak, and Hickory sliced veneers are 6″ wide, 48″ long and 3/8″ thick. Every board has been crafted, using hand rubbed stains, mending techniques, low gloss coating, and surface treatments to create a floor with a time worn look to enhance any interior being urban chic or rustic elegant. From the 18 references, 10 are single strips while the others are multi-strips, a developing trend in interior design. With plenty of color variations, from taupe to rustic greys to shades of browns there are plenty of options to satisfy any customers’ needs.  The pine core is made of constructed “blocks” oriented in opposite direction to counteract the effects of contraction and expansion and provide greater dimensional stability. Profiled with a tongue and a groove, the planks can be glued or stapled and installed on or above grade.

The Wilderness and Meridian Collections

Engineered for value, these wide planks of random lengths up to 75” long, have a 1.2 mil sliced veneer mounted on a HDF core. The rich traditional colors and a distressed surface of soft scraping and heavy wire brushing give these products an upscale look and her wise investment while pleasing her for years will increase the value of her home significantly.
The Meridian collection consists of 7” wide planks, 6 of which are oak while the other 5 are hickory. The six decors in the Wilderness collection are multi-widths 3”,5”, and 7” mixing the two species, hickory and oak to add another grade of character to the floor. The aluminum oxide finish with a medium gloss level allows for ease of maintenance and protects the floor from the wear of daily traffic.
The planks interlock together to be floated, but can be glued down as well and installed on, above, and below grade.

The Enclave Collection

The success of similar visuals in the Castle Combe collection with oil finish inspired the design of this group of stunning decors.
The 11 reference are softly distressed with a range of colors and treatments of the wood surface. ½ ‘ in thickness with a 2mm sliced oak veneer these 75” long by 7” wide planks are offered at a competitive price point. The matte finish mimics the “velvety” appearance of an oil floor but it can be maintained just like any other acrylic urethane coated wood floor. The profile is T&G and can be glued, nailed and floated but only installed on or above grade.