Technical Info

Technical Specifications

Natural Bamboo
› Muse Strand Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Expressions Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Expressions Corboo Specifications
› Revival Strand Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Ming Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Traditions Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Manchu Specifications
› Natural Bamboo Anji Specifications

Natural Cork
› Natural Cork Cork Deco Specs
Natural Cork Traditional Plank Specifications
› Natural Cork Wide Tiles Specifications
› Cork Canvas Specifications
› Almada Specifications
› New Earth Specifications
Glue-Down Parquet Tiles Specifications
› Cork Underlayment Specifications

Oiled Hardwood
› Castle Combe Originals Specifications
› USF Castle Combe Grande Specifications
› Castle Combe West End Specifications
› Castle Combe Artisans Specifications

COREtec Plus
COREtec Pro Plus Specifications
› COREtec Plus Specifications
› COREtec Plus Enhanced Specifications
› COREtec Plus XL Specifications
› COREtec Plus XL Enhanced Specifications
› COREtec Plus Design Specifications
› COREtec Plus HD Specifications
› COREtec ONE Specifications



› Limited Lifetime Residential Wear & Structure Warranty
› 25 Year Residential & Limited Lifetime Structure Warranty
› 15 Year Heavy Commercial Warranty
› 5 Year Light/Medium Commercial Warranty
› 3 Year Light Commercial Warranty
› COREtec Pro Plus Comprehensive Warranties
› COREtec Plus Comprehensive Warranties
› COREtec One Comprehensive Warranties


› Drop and Lock Glueless Installation Instructions
› Tongue and Groove Installation Instructions
› Oil Finished Engineered Tongue & Groove Installation Instructions
› Castle Combe Wall Installation Instructions
› 2G CorkLoc Glueless Installation Instructions
› 5G Glueless Installation Instructions
› Glue Down Cork Installation Instructions
› Natural Cork Underlayment Installation Instructions
› COREtec Plus Angle-Tap Installation Instructions
COREtec Plus Angle-Tap Video Installation
 COREtec Plus Glue Down Installation Instructions
› COREtec Plus (prior to 2014) Installation Instructions
› COREtec One Angle-Tap Installation Instructions
Capping the ends of Quarter Round Moldings
Plank Replacement
Marrying two different locking profiles

Maintenance Guidelines

› Maintenance Guidelines for floors with Endura AR or HC UV-Cured Finish
› Castle Combe Maintenance Guidelines
› Commercial Maintenance Guidelines for COREtec Plus
Residential Maintenance Guidelines for COREtec Plus


› GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate for Natural Bamboo Floors Finished with Endura AR
› GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate for Natural Cork Floors Finished with Endura AR
› GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate for COREtec Plus Engineered Luxury Vinyl Floors
› GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate for COREtec One Engineered Luxury Vinyl Floors
› LEED Credits for Natural Bamboo floors with Endura AR finish
› LEED Credits for Natural Cork floors with Endura AR finish
› LEED Credits for Natural Cork floors with Endura HC finish
› LEED Credits for Natural Cork Underlayment
› LEED Credits for Navarre Natural Oiled Floors
› LEED Credits for Castle Combe Natural Oiled Floors
› LEED Credits for USFLoors’ Contact Cement
› USFloors’ Lacey Act and CARB Statement
› USFloors’ Natural Cork E0 Statement
› USFloors’ Natural Bamboo E0 Statement